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K-Beauty Summer Must Have

So, what's the K-beauty summer must have?

With summer sneaking around the corner (or sprinting around the corner if you’re in southern California), it’s officially that time to start testing products that will withstand the hot, dry, and sun-filled months. Everyone’s needs are always different, but my top concerns for summer are oily skin and burnt skin. I love to stay active outside, and I love to tan. Yes, I know. What sort of skin guru lets themselves tan in the destructive sun? We all have our vices, and that's precisely why I’ve been on an anti-aging skincare routine since I was 18 years old. While I’m still an avid sunscreen user, I’ll sometimes find myself with redder skin than expected, so soothing ingredients are high on my summer wish list.

Benton’s Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel is a gel moisturizer that is packed with calming, hydrating ingredients. Anyone who’s ever had a sunburn knows that to-die-for feeling of rubbing aloe gel onto your skin and then sitting under a fan while it dries. It's the go-to ingredient for roasted skin. Containing antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it’s a fantastic option to treat redness, dryness, and even acne. Propolis – the super ingredient bees use to construct their hives – possesses equally potent ingredients that promise the same antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory results. It’s effective at fighting acne and is commonly used for its antiseptic and restorative abilities. It can unclog pores, accelerate cell growth, and naturally restore skin structure.



Feel and consistency: The texture is very gel-like, leaning towards more watery than thick. It’s completely clear, smooth, and sinks quickly into the skin. There’s no sticky residue left behind.

Scent: It has no scent, which makes sense as the product claims to be fragrance-free. This is good news for anyone sensitive/allergic to fragrances.

When/how to use: I use this after cleansing, toning, and applying an essence. I like to dab it on (because it’s not that runny) and then rub it in. I’ve read people put it in the palms of their hand  and then pat it on. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s fully absorbed before moving on to any further steps like sunscreen. You can use for morning or for night.

Results: This has been an amazing addition to my summer skincare list. I’ve already had one burn this spring on my cheeks and nose. It faded by the morning after I packed this product on. It’s also been a huge help with fading acne scars and with brightening my overall tone. I love the cooling effect the gel has and that it’s light enough for day time use. I don’t use only this as my only moisturizer for night because it's not quite moisturizing enough. I like to add in either an oil or heavier moisturizer on top for my night time routine. It’s perfect for daytime use though – keeping your facial oils wonderfully at bay.

Check it out here!