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My Favorite K-Beauty Product for Winter

This Year’s Winter Must-Have:

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

As I’ve hinted at before, my quest to obtain perfect skin is on par with, say, my quest to find the perfect career. It’s not a small thought dangling in the back of my mind; it’s the front runner.

Skincare is a passion. I’ve tried enough products to open my own store, suffered from multiple allergic reactions, and even cut myself bangs because an enormous zit emerged over night in the middle of my forehead. In my own life, the only two things that have helped me control breakouts have been birth control and Retin-A. This is not a recommendation to you – these are simply the two things that have worked for me. Currently, I am on Retin-A, and while it definitely has kept my skin free from blemishes, it is a demon when it comes to dryness.

During the winter months, my skin becomes so intensely dry that it breaks out into red, raw blisters. In those moments, I find myself in a dilemma: do I go back to hydrated skin with acne, or dry, blistered skin with no acne? I figured the best method was the continue with Retin-A but to double up on my hydrating skincare routine and to find new products to add in.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum quickly became my new favorite winter skincare must-have. Green tea extract is the first ingredient – about 76% of the entire product.


Since green tea is notorious as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, it’s excellent at soothing and hydrating your skin. It’s free of parabens, animal products, synthetic colors, and mineral oil, while packed with amino acids and minerals. The company is also very vocal about the product’s “Dual Moisture-Rising Technology” where the Jeju Green Tea Extract and Green Tea Seed Oil work simultaneously to bring moisture into the skin and also to prevent moisture from leaving the skin.

Feel and consistency: The product itself is very lightweight and runnier than most serums I've used. If I put it on the back of my hand, it will begin to drip down. I prefer that it really doesn’t leave any residue behind on my face. It’s not sticky, tacky or oily – it just feels hydrating and refreshing.    

Scent: It smells mildly of alcohol (which makes sense as the product does contain ethanol) and slightly floral. It’s not overpowering and does not bother me at all.

When/how to use: This product is best used immediately after cleansing your face because that is when it's most easily absorbed. All you need is one pump for your face. Pat on gently for better absorption.

Results: I loved this product as an add-on in my winter skincare regime. It really offers that extra punch of hydration that sinks in deeper than a regular moisturizer. I would not use this alone. Its hydrating effects are more noticeable when it’s being used before a moisturizer or a facial oil. If you have very sensitive skin, some reviewers found that the 4th ingredient listed – ethanol – can irritate sensitive skin or recently exfoliated skin. Also, since this product contains many citrus extracts, be cautious if your skin is sensitive to tangerine, grapefruit, or orange.

Overall, it’s my new favorite wintertime addition! It’s easy to use, easy to travel with, and a great extra step of hydration!!