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K-Beauty Tips

Quick & Easy Daytime Routine for an Instant Glow

Easy Daytime Routine for an Instant Glow Achieving glowing skin is either something you have to build up to slowly by leaving on an overnight treament (like a sheet mask or deep moisturizer) or something you add on after makeup with a type of highlighter. Getting that real, from-within natural looking glow..

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Winter to Summer: Transitioning into a New Skincare Routine

I know I’m not the only one who changes up their skincare routine based off of the current season I’m in. Just like you eat more potatoes, carrots or squash in the winter, you’ll naturally want to eat more strawberries, watermelon or fresh lettuce in the summer. I treat my skincare routine in much the same way.

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The Importance of Sunscreen

I’ve been very adamant about incorporating anti-aging products into my skincare routine even before noticing signs of aging. I’ve been doing it since my freshman year of college, though the consensus seems to be that you should start around age 25. The sneaky anti-aging product I don’t use? Sunscreen.

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