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Quick & Easy Daytime Routine for an Instant Glow

Quick & Easy Daytime Routine for an Instant Glow

Achieving glowing skin is either something you have to build up to slowly by leaving on an overnight treament (like a sheet mask or deep moisturizer) or something you add on after makeup with a type of highlighter. Getting that real, from-within natural looking glow is hard to accomplish quickly – especially when you want it to be authentic. So I paired up two products – Briskin Real Fit Second Skin Mask Radiance & Etude House Glow On Base Oil Volume to help achieve a quick, but honest summer glow (no sweat included). In less than a half hour, I was able to plump and glow up my skin before applying my makeup!

Let's say you wake up, it’s the morning of your prom, maybe you’re about to go on a date, and you forgot to apply moisturizer the night before! Your skin is dry. Your life is ending. You have to cancel everything. (Or, Is that just how I would react to dry skin?) Regardless, your skin is dry, and you want a way to give it a good, strong boost of hydration without it feeling as though you’re just slapping product on the top layer. If you’re in a pinch, I always stand by a quick sheet mask application. A sheet mask hydrates deeper and longer because it’s literally sitting on your face, not going anywhere. You can’t sit around and rub a serum-y moisturizer on your face for 15-20 minutes straight – so a sheet mask does the heavy lifting for you!

For this routine, I decided to use the Briskin Real Fit Second Skin Mask (Radiance). It has natural pearl extract to brighten your skin up, sea daffodil extract to even it, and hyaluronic acid & niacinamide to help improve your skin’s elasticity. I wanted to try this mask in particular because sometimes sheet masks can be a little ill-fitted, and fall off. Briskin’s mask boasts a super good fit, almost acting as a second skin. If we want a heavy shot of glow, the mask we use needs to adhere perfectly. When I pulled the mask out of the packaging, it was sandwiched between two other layers. You peel one layer off, stick the mask side onto your face, and then peel the other layer off. It’s understandable why you need to take these steps – the mask itself is so thin and delicate that it would be incredibly difficult to pull it apart. I would compare it to the feel of a rice paper wrapper when it’s wet. It’s made of an ultra-thin bio-cellulose that clings on and feels as secure as a second skin. I left it on for 20 minutes, peeled it off, and revealed the most hydrated, dewy skin. I rubbed any remaining moisture further into my skin and continued to my next step.


At this point, I’m ready to prep my skin for makeup and add in my next glow product! Personally, if I’m looking for that from-within glow, I like to do as much as possible to my skin before I put makeup on as opposed to afterwards. So, I tried out Etude House Glow On Base Oil Volume, which is a hydrating and illuminating primer. It’s a fantastic brightening base for your foundation because it is formulated with natural oils, purified water, and even little tiny gold flakes! For anyone worried that it comes out sparkly or “chunky,” it does not – the small shimmers disappear upon application and you’re left with an overall, healthy glow. It soaks in quickly and leaves behind a soft and supple base for your makeup. Bonus – it doesn’t affect or change the texture/consistency/wear-ability of your foundation!


These two products together are a power couple. They certainly can stand alone and still offer you the glow you’re looking for, but they pack an extra punch together. The bottom line: don’t you dare walk out of your house with dry skin when glowy skin is only ever a half hour away!