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K-Beauty Tips

The Importance of Sunscreen

 I’ve been very adamant about incorporating anti-aging products into my skincare routine even before noticing signs of aging. I’ve been doing it since my freshman year of college, though the consensus seems to be that you should start around age 25. The sneaky anti-aging product I don’t use? Sunscreen.

The sun is obviously a huge factor in aging your skin with effects ranging from sun spots to premature wrinkles. I use sunscreen when my intention is to go out and sit in the sun, but for day to day use, it’s not in my routine – which is pretty terrible. I like to bank on my foundation’s SPF but I don’t wear foundation everyday. So, I decided it was time to find a sunscreen.

I snagged one by Innisfree – a broad spectrum sun cream with Sunflower Oil and Jeju Green Tea Extract to help protect against both UVA and UVB rays.  It's called the Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream Triple Care  SPF 50+.  It promised 3 functions in one: whitening, protection from the sun, and anti-aging.  I’m not really looking to “whiten” my skin, but the other two factors held my interest. It also promised to hydrate and improve the look of my skin tone all while remaining a long-lasting and water-proof product. I liked the idea of a mattifying sunscreen that would control sweat and oil build up. I didn't want one too greasy because if I’m out in the sun, I am sweating – guaranteed. I was excited to see how this held up over the day.

Feel and consistency: It’s a pretty thick sunscreen – very goopy and holds its shape. It makes it a bit of challenge to spread onto your face, especially if your face is dry. After working it in, it does feel very matte, almost powdery on the skin, but still oddly hydrating.

Scent: I didn’t notice much of a scent, other than that classic sunscreen smell – the hardcore kind – where you can almost smell the zinc.

When/how to use: Sunscreen is the last step of your entire skincare routine, which makes it easy to remember when to apply it. I recommend taking a small amount and building up from there instead of just smearing a larger amount all at once. By tapping it in, I noticed it it blended into my skin more naturally.

Results: First and foremost, it definitely protected my skin from the sun. I used this on a long pool day and did not have those classic post-sun rosy cheeks (which I was a little sad about, but whatever, skin safety first, I guess). Next, I really was impressed by it’s sweat-proof abilities. My skin was still very matte after being outside all day. I noticed this in weird ways, like my sunglasses weren’t slipping off my nose constantly and I didn’t get that “sweaty sunscreen leaking into my eyes” sting. Honestly, I would consider using this sunscreen as a primer with a dewier foundation, especially for the summer. However, it does leave a bit of a white cast. It’s very noticeable after first applying and takes a few minutes to sink in. It’s not a big problem, especially if you use it directly after applying facial moisturizer (it sinks in way faster) or if you’re just hanging by the pool or beach. It’s the drawback to the perks of a very mattifying product, so I’ll happily deal with it.

Check it out here!