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Winter to Summer: Transitioning into a New Skincare Routine

I know I’m not the only one who changes up their skincare routine based off of the current season I’m in. Just like you eat more potatoes, carrots or squash in the winter, you’ll naturally want to eat more strawberries, watermelon or fresh lettuce in the summer. I treat my skincare routine in much the same way. Since the environmental factors are different, my skincare routine changes during different times of year. Generally, I want super moisturizing, thick products for winter. However, on the other hand, I like lighter moisturizers for summer with more soothing ingredients.

Here are a couple of ways I transition my own routine:


Ditch your Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream by COSrx for Benton’s Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel. During the winter months, my skin suffers intensely. I don’t quite know the science behind why dry skin turns into small, red painful blisters on me; so please throw a girl some info if you do. I need to literally douse my whole face in ten moisturizers before bed or I’m basically begging for flaking skin in the morning. My face turns into snow on Christmas in California if I just don’t moisturize the night before. This moisturizer by COSrx thankfully has been a holy grail product for me this past winter. As summer begins to roll around, I no longer need as much hydration. Because the rainy season starts, the air is a little bit more humid, which makes me start sweating more. What I need is a lighter moisturizer – something that doesn’t leave me feeling tight but that also doesn’t leave me a greasy mess. Benton’s Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel has been a great addition to my routine lately. It’s non-greasy and doesn’t leave behind an oily sheen. It sinks in quick, feels cooling, and soothes my skin from any inflammation. This has been a particularly excellent product for that post-sun relief. I need more redness relief during the summer months with all the exercise, sun exposure, and irritating “sweat-wiping”.



Ditch your Innisfree Cica Mask for Innisfree’s Purifying Mask. First, let me say how much I love this line of masks from Innisfree. I’ve tried the purifying mask and the cica mask (cica is an ingredient to help with redness). To be totally honest, I enjoy these masks all year round, especially the cica mask. I would recommend the purifying mask for the summer over winter. I’m already so dry and tender during those darker months that I don’t generally enjoy anything that “purifies” or “turns over” my skin, like BHA or AHA products or any deep cleansing masks. However, nothing feels better after a long day of sweating in the summer than a deep, clarifying mask that feels like it’s pulling out all of those impurities. On the other hand, the cica mask excels during winter to really soothe and calm my skin. My favorite thing about it is that it never totally dries. Most clay masks get to that “I can’t move the muscles in my face” level of dryness. This mask never does. It’s so flexible, even after a few hours (yes, I’ve definitely forgotten I’ve left it on for a whole afternoon).



Ditch nothing and KEEP your sunscreen. Don’t forget about your sunscreen, especially if summer is on the horizon. Try the Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream Triple Car SPF 50+.

Be sure to check out the review on this sunscreen here!

It's an excellent staple for summertime (if you’re just not the type to wear sunscreen in the winter). I would even recommend it as a primer for makeup because it does not budge and makes it very difficult to sweat through. It’s great for a pool or beach day and keeps your skin pretty dang dry. My suggestion is to apply immediately after moisturizing because it’s a little tough to spread and can leave a bit of a white cast.

Stay cool, oil-free, purified, and soothed this summer!