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Review on Innisfree Skin Clinic Sheet Masks

We all know the benefits of your average sheet mask. Apart from some with added specializations like BHA, hyaluronic acid, or collagen, most are across the board hydrating, toning, and reparative. Their power comes from their design – the mask is meant to stay on your face for a long period of time. You’re not rubbing an ingredient on until some soaks in and some evaporates; you’re letting your skin drink in a large dose of ingredients for 20-30 minutes. After I tried out the 7-day sheet mask challenge, I’ve gained a new appreciation for just how effective they can be. I don’t go more than a couple days without using one. My skin becomes plump, glowy, and tight!

            Every sheet mask you see has its own genre, so to speak. Some are hydrating, some are plumping, some are toning, some are pore tightening, and some are clarifying. Those are your basic, run-of-the-mill masks that are great for every day use. However, I’ve recently been looking into more intense sheet masks – some with a little more kick and stronger ingredients. I decided to try out Innisfree’s Skin Clinic Sheet Masks. These masks are infused with stronger ingredients that are meant to really target your skin issues. The line has 10 different masks meant to target ten different skin issues: Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizing), Madecassoside (enhances moisture barrier), BHA (skin refining), Collagen (firming), Peptide (wrinkle care), Vita C (brightening), Catechin (anti-oxidizing), Beta Glucan (hydrating extra), Glutathione (brightening extra), Idebenone (firming extra). I picked three out based on my three skin concerns: BHA to help with breakouts, hyaluronic acid for dryness, and collagen because YES I just turned 27. Let’s move on…

            Feel and consistency: These sheet masks are made from 100% natural cotton wool. They’re much thinner and more transparent than an average sheet mask, too (not as thin as the biocellulose masks, however.) They’re nice and soft, easy to apply, and fit my face well. The BHA mask dried quicker than the others and left more of a matte finish, which is to be expected as it’s more for acne control. The hyaluronic acid mask and collagen mask did feel more moisturizing and there was still a lot of product to pat in after I removed them. I love to squeeze the excess moisture in the packet into my hands and wipe it on other parts of my body, too. I never want to waste this stuff. I wish I could bathe in it.

            Scent: I didn’t notice much a scent with these masks, and there was very little difference in scent between them. The BHA mask may have had just a slightly more medicinal smell to it. Regardless, it was nothing overpowering or too fragrance-y.

            When and how to use: I always use sheet masks after I’ve washed my face. I put it on right away before my face starts to feel tight and hop into bed. Depending on how “wet” the masks are, I leave them on for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes, I’ll take some of the excess liquid in the package and re-pat it back on to the mask to keep it going longer. When I take it off, I pat in the extra, and depending on how moisturized my skin feels, I may or may not put on a nighttime moisturizer afterwards.

            Results: I had a nice experience with these masks. They’re free of animal products, mineral oil, colorants, and phenoxyethanol (a type of preservative). The masks themselves were easy to apply and fit well on my face. There was no overpowering scent, and I felt like the brand offered a nice selection of masks to combat a wide array of skincare concerns. I’m interested in trying out one mask consistently that combats one skin concern to see how a daily or bi-weekly application might help with that particular skin concern. Since I tried three different ones, it was difficult to see how each one might do long-term.