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The Review Is In: Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence

Do you have dry skin? Are you looking around for that perfect moisturizer to quench your skin’s thirst? Instead of looking for moisturizers, the key is to find a hydrating essence. Lathering on a thicker moisturizer helps your skin on the surface level. However, if you want something that will penetrate deeper into your skin molecules for it to retain moisture, you need to try out this Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence!

Hyaluronic acid acts as a humectant towards your skin, allowing it to grab onto moisture from the environment and retain it. This essence has an advanced form of hyaluronic acid called sodium hyaluronate, which allows it to hold 1,000 times more moisture than water! Therefore, this sinks quickly into your skin to hydrate it.

My thoughts:

Consistency/texture: I absolutely love how this essence is formulated. It’s fragrance free and extremely lightweight. It glides onto your skin like water! What’s great about this, is that you can keep layering it until you feel like your skin feels like its absorbed all that it can. After it dried on my skin, I didn’t feel like there was a heavy film over my face.

How I use it:  I use this twice a day. I like to cleanse and tone my face first. Since it's so watery, I choose to pat on the essence with my hands instead of a cotton pad so I won’t lose it all into the cotton pad. After I let it dry, I apply my serum and moisturizer.

Results: My skin feels extremely hydrated. I have pretty normal skin, but I tend to have dry spots on random areas of my face. I felt like with the essence, my skin became more supple and plump. Before I started using this, even with the most hydrating moisturizer, I would still have my dry areas.

This is such a must have, especially for the winter weather!

-Megan :)