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The Review Is In: COSrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Let’s welcome to the stage, COSrx’s unique morning cleanser and give it a big round of applause for standing out among the hoards of cleansers on the market right now. Its claim and draw is that it cleanses while maintaining your skin’s optimal pH level without stripping it of any natural oils.

Should we do a quick lightning round on pH or am I the only one who failed chemistry here? Moving on. . . Our skin’s pH level is a little acidic (so around 4.5 ish). On the other hand, the cleansers we generally put on our faces are more alkaline (6-12). Alkalinity is what we rely on to remove all the nasty crap off our skin after of long day of burying our faces in our cats’ tummy’s (again, just me?) The problem is that an alkaline cleanser tends to dry out and irritate our skin. Cue segue back to COSrx’s cleanser. . . It cleanses AND balances your skin.

Feel and consistency:  Is it a gel? Is it a foam? Maybe it’s BOTH! I don’t know why, but nothing gets me going more than a skincare product that changes texture mid-application.  This cleanser starts off as a clear gel and as you massage in into wet skin, it changes to a foam. I love me a nice lather; it just feels like it’s working better, in my opinion.  It’s easy to apply, and more importantly, easy to wash off.

Scent: The smell is a little medicinal and herbal. I personally prefer a more honest and subdued scent to the explosively fragrant ones (we all know fragrance is nothing more than a skin irritant). It smells minty and fresh, and the smell does not linger after you wash.

Ingredients that stand out: Tea tree oil! Known as one of the most extensively researched of all the essential oils, tea tree oil is a fantastic antiseptic and cult favorite for treating acne naturally.

Results: As someone who struggles with dry skin after washing my face, this product has been a blessing.  My redness is less severe, my skin is softer and brighter, and I feel no irritation during or after application. It’s the perfect first step in my skincare routine that leaves my skin ready for more!

Check it out here!

xoxo –Genevieve