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The Review Is In: Son & Park Beauty Water

First of all, what a name: Son & Park Beauty Water. Here is a multi-tasking toner and cleansing water that is straight to the point and does not mess around!

This Son & Park Beauty Water has simple packaging. I always trust products without all the bells and whistles because it helps me believe that the company put all of their energy into the product itself and not into the aesthetic of it. With that being said, if I see a product wrapped in rose gold and dusted with flecks of silver, I WILL still buy it.

So, what's in this bad boy? Packed with willow bark and papaya extract, this toner works as a gentle exfoliator by pushing away dead skin cells that helps create a brighter and smoother skin tone. Like most chemical exfoliators, this beauty water offers ingredients such as lavender and rose water to offset irritation and boost skin hydration. It has a pH of 4.5 – the perfect reset for our skins natural pH levels.


Feel and consistency: The consistency of Beauty Water is what most would expect – watery. It dries on the skin slightly slower than water does and also feels slightly tackier.

Scent: It has almost a sharp citrus scent. Or, maybe it's a cucumber I’m smelling? I expected it to be scentless, but there is definitely a strong smell with this one. However, it’s a natural scent – nothing too fragrant.

When/how to use: Beauty Water can be used in the morning, midday as a refresher, or at night to wipe away any remaining dirt or makeup. I generally like to use this in the morning after I cleanse my face. I dampen a cotton pad with it and swipe it gently across my face and down my neck. You will be impressed (or disturbed) by how much dirt this takes off even after you’ve cleansed your face.

Results: I’ve noticed a definite change in my skin texture and evenness over time. It’s hydrating, refreshing, and has really brightened my skin. It packs a punch for looking and feeling like water!

I present to you: the lazy woman’s cleanser.

Check it out here!

xoxo - Genevieve :)