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Airplane Carry On Essentials

Airplane Carry On Essentials

My Carry On Essentials for Long Flights:

Back when I was in college, I would have to make transatlantic flights often to London to maintain an 8-hour time difference, long-distance relationship with my British boyfriend at the time. The only joy I had in making those trips was planning my near 15-part in-flight skincare routine. I learned a lot during that time about what your skin goes through on flights such as how much extra moisture it loses, and how irritated & red it can get from lack of sleep. I think the passengers sitting near me thought I was insane when I carried out one of three, hour-long routines. I was pumped, and they were not. I’ve definitely stream-lined since then, but mostly because I can’t justify the waste of space in my carry-on. For my multi-hour flights these days, I try to pack sample size items and thin masks instead of full size products. Here are my go-to essential carry on items:

One Step Original Clear Pads by COSrx: I love bringing these along on my flights because a.) I’m certainly not bringing a cleanser to wash my face in the plane’s bathroom sink (ew?) and b.) I like having the least messy product on flights so I’m not fumbling around in my already tight space (no, I’m not flying first class) and dropping bottles and accidentally spilling liquids all over myself. These pads, while a little bulky, are easy to use. Just unscrew the cap, take a pad out, swipe, and toss. They’re a quick and effective toner that acts as both a cleanser and exfoliator. If you can’t spare the space, just take a few out and place in a smaller container or even in an air-tight plastic bag!

Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige: This is such a useful product to have on flights because Laneige was kind enough to make an adorable sample size that comes with a small lip mask, as well. They’re so compact, I can hold them both in one hand, but there’s still more than enough product to last me. The face mask lasts me at least a month, and the lip mask can last me as long as two months. It’s such an awesome idea and so great for traveling. Anyway, this sleeping mask is so hydrating and long-lasting. Plane’s have notoriously dry air because the outside air they circulate in at 30,000 feet doesn’t hold much moisture. It’s important to combat that with a heavier-than-normal moisturizer. I usually apply this one a couple times throughout the course of the flight.

Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige: As I said above, this lip mask comes in a mini pack with the water sleeping mask. This is my holy grail lip product, and I use it every night – not just on long flights. It’s the perfect balance of everything I need in a lip product: it’s a little tacky/sticky but at the same time also like a creamy butter, and it soaks deep into my lips, but it’s also thick and a layer remains over my lips for a couple of hours, acting almost like a barrier. I don’t often notice results from lip products (and I have about 5000 of them), but this lip mask is a genuine lifesaver. It completely blocks out any dry air and prevents any moisture from leaving your lips.

 N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask by Mediheal: I think it’s super important to bring a sheet mask on any flight you take for a couple of reasons. 1.) Sheet masks are essentially just an opportunity for prolonged hydration where your skin has to soak up ingredients and 2.) they’re soaking wet, and if you remember properly how evaporation works, heat is pulled from your skin as the liquid dries, therefore lowering the temperature of your skin.

For my most recent trip, I brought along this sheet mask by Mediheal. It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and witch hazel. It’s a great multi-functional mask to help hydrate, repair, and control oil production. There are plenty of great sheet masks to try out on your flights. Just make sure the ingredients are hydrating!

Don’t forget these important add-on’s, too, if you have the space: eye drops, under-eye patches (try out Heimish’s Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches), cuticle oil, and Xanax!